Why Do We Use X-Rays?

Science fiction comes to life when we go to the doctor and we get an x-ray.  An x-ray is a way of looking into the human body and seeing different issues that may occur.  With an x-ray we can see bones, muscles and other parts of the body that are covered by skin.  We can then take the x ray images in Rockaway and examine them.  From here, we can prescribe appropriate treatment.

x ray images in Rockaway

Broken bones

The first reason that we will use an x-ray is to see if we have a broken bone or exactly where the bone is broken.  As kids we will do a lot of different things that will break bones.  We may be jumping on the bed like my granddaughter did and break her arm.  We may be playing a game on a dirt pile and break a hand.  No matter what we do the result of a broken bone is really real.  However, with an x-ray, we can find it and repair it.

Pains in the body

Broken bones are not always the reason we need an x-ray.  We may need to locate and determine why we are having pains in our bodies.  When we go to the doctor and tell them we have pains we will usually go for an x-ray to determine the cause.

Before surgery

When we go in for a surgical procedure the doctor may call for an up to date x-ray to determine if any additional damage has occurred and exactly, they need to go in to do repairs.  When performing surgery the doctor can refer back to this image and made adjustments and changes to the operation as he compares the surgery to real live visuals.

When you get an x-ray you will typically get them on a CD or DVD.  This way you can refer back to them yourself and take them to other doctors who may need a record of past scans.

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